Electrical equipment
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Crystal UV Lamp Black

CHF 130.00

Exclusive UV lamp available in the color Pink, Black, EcruWith fan and programmable digital timer, i..

Giga Led Table Lamp

CHF 135.00

TABLE LAMP: • LED light source (117 pcs SMDLED bulge)• 360 ° adjustable head• Seal clamp• Head dimen..

Kit Dry Manicure

CHF 36.00

Drill bit kit (diamond) for Dry Manicure techniqueIdeal for performing the perfect and correct clean..

LED Bulb

CHF 20.00

LED light bulb, the UV tube can be replaced with that LED to reduce the curing time...

Led Magic Bulb

CHF 25.00

The light pink light accelerates the drying process, making it the fastest polymerization process th..

Punta Carbid Classic

CHF 28.00

Tip to model the surface and remove little product..

Punta Cilindro Ceramica

CHF 35.00

Ceramic tip to shape the surface of the reconstructed nail..

Punta Drill Bit #Easy Refill

CHF 20.00

Easy Refill drill bitIdeal for refill, for material removal and also for Gel-Lac or 3Step Crystalac...

Punta Rhinestone Remove

CHF 15.00

Tip for removing Swarovski..

Punta Small for Dry Manicure

CHF 10.00

Tip punch for cleaning the side cuticle areaSuitable for dry side manicure technique and removal of ..

Punta Strong

CHF 27.00

Tip for removal strong..

Punta Tonda

CHF 28.00

Round tip suitable to model the structure of the gel,Thanks to the rounded shape allows to work with..

Punta Xtreme Titanium Big

CHF 33.00

Pointing cutter in Titanium, suitable for the removal of the gel and acrylic...

Punta Xtreme Titanium Medium

CHF 39.00

Tip for gel and acrylic removal.Smaller than the big titanium..

Punta Xtreme Titanium Small

CHF 28.00

Tip for cuticle removal...

Showing 1 to 15 of 19 (2 Pages)