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3S Top

CHF 20.00

Step 3 is the semi-permanent par excellence of Crystal Nails onlineClassic semi-permanent, 3 steps, ..

Base Gel

CHF 35.00

Extremely strong clear, adhesive gel whit three phases. It has a ramarkable adhesion promoter effect..

Builder Base Gel

CHF 35.00

Gel that guarantees a perfect adhesionPerfect for problem nailsCures in 2-3 minutes under the UV lam..

ChroMe Top Crystalac

CHF 17.00

Top designed to seal the ChroMe range.It cures in 3 min of UV...

Color Up Base Gel

CHF 22.00

Softer, white, flexible, strong adhesion base gel, esplicity under 3Step CrystaLac gel polish. ..

Compact Base Gel #Clear

CHF 24.00

New generation 2 in 1 nail strengthener and base gel. Soakable, flexible, super dense, easy to handl..

Compact Base Gel #Cover Pink

CHF 24.00

Base color Cover Pink, 2 in 1 natural rose and base gel. Soluble, flexible, super dense, thanks to i..

Compact Base Gel #Cover Rose

CHF 24.00

Hot pink base, the color is ideal for lighter 2-in-1 skin and base gel. Soluble, flexible, super den..

Compact Base Gel #Translucent Nude

CHF 24.00

Base color Traslucent Pink, slightly pigmented with beige shades, thanks to its natural color is ide..

Cool Top Gel

CHF 24.00

Last generation sealant.Polishing car without dispersion, it does not require cleaning with Cleanser..

Cover Light Pink Base Gel

CHF 18.00

Highly flexible product.Lighter pink tint compared to the previous Cover Pink Base Gel, less pigment..

Cover Pink Base Gel

CHF 18.00

Gel colored base, excellent adhesion, flexible and soluble.It is used in reconstruction to avoid dis..

Crystalac #0 Clear/Top

CHF 29.00

Crystalac # 0, soluble product, suitable for sealing semipermanents.Polymerizes in UV lamp in 3min...

Easy Off Hardener Gel Clear

CHF 31.00

Gel with high elasticity, suitable for those who want to give to the nails a natural lookIt is remov..

Easy Off Hardener Gel Milky Pink

CHF 31.00

Base rosy Easy Off series.High elasticity, gives a look to natural nailsCuring time 3 minutes under ..

Showing 1 to 15 of 28 (2 Pages)