Builder White Gel
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Baby Boomer White Gel

CHF 31.00

Medium density natural white builder gel. If applied sosottle is transparent, but if it is more ofte..

Builder Soft White Gel

CHF 24.00

White builder gel of medium density. Suitable for natural french. Gel softer than other white builde..

Builder White Renewed Gel

CHF 24.00

Builder gel of medium density, highly pigmented white chalk color.Quite dense, it does not drip, tha..

Cool Remove Builder Gel White

CHF 10.00

White gel and perfectly opaqueEasy to use, it does not generate heat, soluble, highly durable and fl..

Xtreme White Gel

CHF 40.00

Builder gypsum white gel. It has a high content of pigments, so it has a good opacity. High content ..

Showing 1 to 5 of 5 (1 Pages)