Builder White Gel
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Baby Boomer Gel Kit

CHF 32.00

The BabyBoomer is a very popular technique among the customers. The essence of this technique is tha..

Baby Boomer Gel Kit 2

CHF 62.00

Ideal for the famous technique.BabyBoomer White 2 Builder Gel is denser and pigmented with a whitish..

Baby Boomer White Gel

CHF 35.00

Medium density natural white builder gel. If applied sosottle is transparent, but if it is more ofte..

Baby Boomer White Gel 2

CHF 35.00

New gel for Baby Boomer technique.Builder gel denser and whiter than the classic Baby Boomer White.T..

Builder White Renewed

CHF 18.00

Builder gel of medium density, highly pigmented white chalk color.Quite dense, it does not drip, tha..

FLEXY Fench White Gel

CHF 18.00

Very bright and flexible white.Material with dispersion ideal for modeling and perfectly lengthening..


CHF 18.00

Highly pigmented decoration gel, without sticky layer, white in colorIdeal for decorations (above th..

Xtreme White Gel

CHF 40.00

Builder gypsum white gel. It has a high content of pigments, so it has a good opacity. High content ..

Showing 1 to 8 of 8 (1 Pages)