Cover & Camouflage
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Cover Mani

CHF 18.00

Soluble gel nail bed colorUsed together with manicure tip creates a fast strengthening of nails..

Cover Pink Diamond

CHF 30.00

Natural effect camouflage gel enriched with iridescent pearly particles (Pink Diamond Cover) and gli..

Cover Pink Gel

CHF 31.00

Gel camouflage, not Builder Gel.Ideal for stretching the nail bed, and for French Inversa.Its color ..

Rocky Cover HardGel Kit

CHF 30.00

Content:- Rocky Cover HardGel 5ml- Titanium Gel 5ml - Builder White Renewed 5ml - Top Shin..

Rocky Cover Light Gel

CHF 18.00

Compared to the HARD version, Rocky Cover Light is a less dense gel, has a warm natural color simila..

Showing 1 to 5 of 5 (1 Pages)