Metal Accessoris
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CHF 18.00

Ago da decoro..

Drill Bit Cleaner Brush

CHF 12.00

Practical copper brush to clean the drill bits made of Titanium, Diamond and Ceramics.Thanks to the ..

Forbicine Gold

CHF 22.00

Scissors  Japanese steel cuticle..

Forbicine Professional

CHF 26.00

Cuticle scissors in stainless steel, long dovetail tip and extremely thin and sharp...

Pinza C-Curve

CHF 19.00


Spatola In Acciaio

CHF 18.00


SpingiPelle In Acciaio

CHF 18.00

Professional tools and hand-finished products conlo same stainless steel used for surgical instrumen..

Showing 1 to 7 of 7 (1 Pages)