Builder & Camouflage Gel
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Baby Boomer Gel Kit

CHF 32.00

Kit suitable for the realization of the technique Baby Boomer with great ease and rapidityIt consist..

Cover Mani

CHF 18.00

Soluble gel nail bed colorUsed together with manicure tip creates a fast strengthening of nails..

Cover Pink

CHF 18.00

Camouflage gel of medium density, high coverage and the same of 'natural nail color.Perfectly covers..

Cover Pink Diamond

CHF 30.00

Gel medium camouflage very opaque density.It is a color close to the natural color of the nail but w..

Cover Pink Gel Kit

CHF 30.00

Content:- Cover Pink 5ml - Cover Pink X 5ml - Cover Pink Extra 5ml- Top Shine 4ml- Cleanse..

Cover Refill

CHF 31.00

next-generation gel, medium density, perfect for lounge and outsiders, natural color similar to the ..

Cover Refill Hard Crystal

CHF 40.00

Cover Refill Hard Crystal is the new version of the classic Cover Refill Hard, the original formulat..

Cover Refill Hard Gel

CHF 40.00

Builder gel with natural color similar to that of the nail, is a new version of the Cover Refill, mu..

Cover Refill Hard Tan Gel

CHF 40.00

Gel manufacturer from natural color similar to that of the nail, is a new version of Hard Cover Refi..

Rocky Cover Light Gel

CHF 18.00

Innovative gel for the lengthening of the nail bed, easy to use.Medium density suitable to create th..

Showing 1 to 10 of 10 (1 Pages)