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Agenda CN 2019 #Peacock

CHF 18.00

Agenda CN 2019 #Peacock..

Agenda CN 2019 #Pink Leaf

CHF 18.00

Agenda CN 2019 #Pink Leaf..

Big Nail Stamp Clear

CHF 12.00

New Stamping for Stamping TechnologyTransparent, transparent 3.5 cm transparent silicone print head ..

Black & Pink Apron

CHF 25.00

New black and pink apron with white logo Crystal Nails...

Black Agenda Stamping

CHF 12.00


Black Fan 50 pz

CHF 10.00

New black fan 50 pcsTo present examples of decoration that stand out with a dark backgroundComfortab..

Black Rubber Gloves

CHF 18.00

High quality blacks nitrile gloves, very elastic surface, giving a pleasant feeling to the touch.100..

Brushes whit Silicon Hair (Black)

CHF 20.00

Silicone brush kit for Lace Gel5 brushes of different shapes of small size..

Butterfly Form

CHF 34.00

New maps Crystal Nails, to create even more long fingernails.Better adhesion, unique quality..

C-Curve bending #Premium Kit

CHF 25.00

Tubes to create a perfect "C" curvature with a diamond point...

Cleanser Pad

CHF 13.00

Lint-free pads soaked in Cleanser. Facilitates faster salon work. Perfect for on-the-road nail techs..

CN Color Palette FAN

CHF 8.00

Fan for colors22 tips..

Color Palette - Metal

CHF 10.00

Practical metal palette to mix colors, ideal for creating fantastic shades with Art Gel, Royal Cream..

Color Palette - Ringed

CHF 6.00

Practical metal palette with ring to mix colors, ideal for creating fantastic shades with Art Gel, R..

Cream #Grapefruit Mania

CHF 14.00

Skin care cream with pink grapefruit fragrance contains jojoba oil, cocoa butter and vitamins; with ..

Showing 1 to 15 of 58 (4 Pages)